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Book - Surviving Domestic


"The first time I shared my story publicly was in a room full of five hundred strangers. I was asked to be part of a youth panel for a conference in Saskatoon. One of the questions we were asked was to describe major challenges that we've had to go through to get to where we are. Although there were many challenges I'd overcome throughout my life, it was clear to me which one I was called to share at that time. I briefly explained how I was in the process of putting my life back together after being severely beaten by my ex-partner. On that day, I told the story of how he beat me while holding our little eight-day-old newborn in his arms... I came to believe that I was meant to go through this life changing event because one day I would have the courage to talk about it with complete strangers, creating awareness and letting other women know that they're not alone."

- From the Introduction

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