Kendra Weenie is an author, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and CBC Future 40 Recipient. She is a Cree woman from Sweetgrass First Nation. Kendra grew up single-parented, on welfare, with minimal opportunity for success. It wasn’t until she became involved in sports, that she developed confidence, work ethic, and a sense of identity. Sports have always been a part of Kendra’s life, from being a college volleyball player, coach, and provincial program coordinator. Sports and culture helped to keep her motivated to complete her Education degree, and heal from past trauma. Kendra is a survivor of domestic violence. Her recent memoir Surviving Domestic Violence was shortlisted for a Saskatchewan book award in 2020. Kendra continues to share her story in hopes of encouraging other women to heal and promotes self-care through youth and women’s workshops. Over the past year, she has co-founded two non-profits. Crystal’s Gift is based out of Saskatoon and is a program designed to assist single mothers in need of gently used furniture items. IndigiFund is a non-profit aimed at empowering Indigenous youth in the areas of sport, education, and culture. Last year, Kendra created a bursary opportunity for single mothers in high school or university. In 2020, she gave out 5 bursaries to single mothers and hopes that eventually she’ll be able to offer scholarships. Although she has her own challenges as a single mother, she believes that true success comes from our ability to help others in need. 

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